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Howdy! Hope all’s well!...lots to inform about so please read below

1st up a big thanks to for the pics posted thus far

Anyone else with any.. please submit.

Apparently this journalist (link below) is anti-native and speaking in Aurora…shall we attend? Anyone wish to?é-call-action-anti-native-journalist-christie-blatc

Nov 15– Field Trip - Put Food In the Budget / Do The Math Rally!! – Join groups from across Ontario at the Green Barns Toronto – rides arranged..possibly a bus for those attending! See attached…anyone wishing to perform a song!!..let me know!

ISARC Provincial - Nov 18 religious leaders forum / or isarc - $40 for those wishing to attend.

Dec 1st Queens Park ISARC Provincial audit book launch at Queens Park Media Centre – morning – contains excerpts from YR’s audit!

Next!!..This sent us by a local NDP organizer – “Richmond Hill and Thornhill NDP are hosting a fund raising reception with Andrea Horwath as guest speaker on Nov. 16. at the McConaghie Centre charging $25 a ticket with many people donating more. I have several people who have donated and cannot attend and they have expressed their desire to sponsor some tickets for people on fixed incomes. There is no one more deserving than those who give their time and energies to PACC. I have 2 tickets for you and I would really be pleased if you could attend. There will be a speech by Andrea, but then she will mingle with the crowd and everyone will have an opportunity for a personal talk with her. Please contact me if you can come.” I contacted him and said we are non-partisan (neutral) but may wish to attend as I feel they are showing gratitude for PACC keeping the onus on government in their absence (of representation). It’s a compliment we all share…anyone want to go?

Do the Math – next meeting Dec 15th 1:30pm at Penrose -

Request for board members – Operation Sparrow – anyone interested to sit on the board of Operation Sparrow ( Let me know..great opportunity for experience .

Request for PACC as recipient organization from Spotlight Theatre School for all our work in the community – any objections?

More pics from Oct 17 on the PACC face book page as well as our website

Next PACC meeting Wed Nov 10 at 1pm…location to be announced!

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