Newmarket Ontario UN Eradication of Poverty Day

Immediate Release: Oct 12 2010: Contact: 289-221-0928
Event: International Day for The Eradication of Poverty

AKA - World Day to End Extreme Poverty

Location: Fairy Lake Park, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada (Water St and Eagle)
Time: 1-7PM – Main-stage Performers – 5PM
Newmarket, Ontario, Canada -

Expect to smell food, and hear hear music & traditional drumming upon arriving as Newmarket plays host to York Region Ontario’s International Day to Eradicate Poverty this Sunday October 17 at Fairy Lake Park from 1 Pm until 7PM with free hot food / soup served up from 1-2pm, information booths, “starving artists” performing path-side, a children’s area, mainstage speakers and performers, and a mic for those wishing to speak out about poverty. The internationally marked event was first recognized by the United Nations in 1992 but was inspired and started by a Frenchman named Joseph World Day to End Extreme Poverty.

Joseph Wresinski was born to immigrant parents in a poor neighbourhood of Angers, France. He grew up in a family which suffered from chronic poverty and social exclusion.In 1946, he was ordained as a priest and served in industrial and rural parishes where, right from the beginning, he related to the most deprived families.

In 1956, he was assigned chaplain to 250 families in a emergency housing camp in Noisy-le-Grand, near Paris. The families lived in quonset (nissan) huts erected in a muddy field. He said about his years in Noisy-le-Grand: "The families in that camp have inspired everything I have undertaken for their liberation. They took hold of me, they lived within me, they carried me forward, they pushed me to found the Movement with them."

In 1957, Joseph Wresinski and the families of the camp founded the first association which was later to become ATD Fourth World. Responding to the demands of the families and working with them, the soup kitchen and the distribution of old clothes were replaced with a library, kindergarten, chapel and workshop. Joseph Wresinski’s firm purpose was to unite all sections of society with the poorest and most excluded. With this aim he met leaders of state, churches and international bodies from all over the world. He believed that every person he met represented an opportunity for the poorest and was determined that the Movement would remain open to people of all cultures, faiths and races.

His appointment to France’s Economic and Social Council in 1979 was a significant step in his quest for official representation of people in extreme poverty. With the publication of the Wresinski Report in 1987, he succeeded in gaining recognition of people in poverty as partners in society.

On 17th October 1987, in the presence of 100,000 people from every social background and continent, Joseph Wresinski unveiled a commemorative stone in the Trocadero Human Rights Plaza in Paris. On this marble his call is engraved: "Wherever men and women are condemned to live in poverty, human rights are violated. To come together to ensure that these rights be respected is our solemn duty."

Since then the commemorative stone has become a rallying point for people from all walks of life.

October 17th was declared "International Day for the Eradication of Poverty" by the United Nations in 1992. In several countries, on the 17th of each month, people gather to acknowledge the lives and efforts of those living in extreme poverty, and to renew their commitment to join them in their struggle.

Since the York Region event has been held, from 2005, it has evolved from a soapbox and a microphone for performers and speakers to envelope beautiful fairy lake Park in Newmarket and now includes offering an opportunity for singers, composers, musicians and other performers to play original work on a stage and at the same time keep the message of ending poverty alive beyond just Oct 17

In 2008 Newmarket town council approved officially endorsing the day and agreed to a permanent marker on site at Fairy Lake Park with regional council representative John Taylor unveiling the plaque before in 2009 unveiling the plaque – with its own commemorative rock – representative of the stone statue France - along with Mayor Van Bynen.

2010’s York Region event will again offer free hot fresh food and some information booths including information from the Legal Clinic of York Region., The Housing Help Centre, York Region Food Network, Ninos Kom Tin ( aboriginal), Make Poverty History, Poverty Action for Change Coaltion and others with it’s most expanding element being in the arts segments.

This year the event is allowing “starving musicians” to line the paths surrounding the event to add to the atmosphere and split anything raised with the organizers to help pay for the event. A main-stage is also part of the events features , not only used for the speakers but also for an “ Open Mic” session for performers doing pieces relating to poverty followed by Feature Acts including : Ninos Kom Tin drummers/singers, Composer/ Singer - Guitarists Glen Marais, Fred Joly, Brenda Bakos, Rappers - Krhyme Syndicate, Hip Hopper- Darius Mirshahi aka Testament & Spotlight Theatre presents cuts from RENT..other performers wishing to come up must check in at the main-stage.

For more info call 289-221-0928

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International Day for The Eradication of Poverty 2010

AKA – World Day Toe End Extreme Poverty

1PM – 2PM Drumming / background music, Hot Food – served from Gazebo location

1-5PM Info Booths, Street Performers

2PM – Main-stage MC Tom Pearson welcomes – Mayor - introduces the 1st speaker – year of the youth – Greg Carbis (teen) who will read the pledge against poverty followed by “Open Mic” for those speaking out about poverty. Those speaking from experience get 1st opportunity.

2:45: Engagement Interlude -

3PM “Do The Math” participants speak about their experiences eating a food-bank diet including York Region Media Group’s Debora Kelly.

3:15 Open Mic - Politi-Speak : Anyone who wishes to speak about any ideas to move things politically. Politicians may speak however no electioneering allowed and they must speak about what they would like to do towards eradicating poverty. Regional Councilor John Taylor will bring people up to date on what the Region has done thus far and where they are looking to go in regards to poverty related.

4:15PM: Engagement Interlude – engage politicians, others in ideas…

5:00: PM

Open Mic - music/spoken word

Mainstage Performers:

Ninos Kom Tin drummers/singers, Composer/ Singer - Guitarists Glen Marais, Fred Joly, Brenda Bakos, Rappers - Krhyme Syndicate, Hip Hopper- Darius Mirshahi aka Testament & Spotlight Theatre..more TBA.

Get Free Stuff Web Sites York Region

Here's probably one of the best web sites to find free stuff in the York Region Ontario Canada.

Get Free Stuff


Low Budget Diet Do the Math Challenge

Hi everyone...follow the blogs of YRMG Columnist Debora Kelly, Rev Robin Wardlaw, and others as they live 5 days on a low budget diet in our Do the Math Challenge!

The York Region Do the Math Facebook page is here:!/group.php?gid=303269942317&v=wall

Watch for us on the TVshow DAYTIME on Rogers 10 Oct 14 for Int Day promo!


YRT York Region Mobility Transit

A couple of reminders..

There is a public-input information session tonight for mobility transit (YRT) at the Newmarket Town offices on Mulock Drive at 7PM should anyone like to come out in support of voicing for changes. Dan & Ashley (both use wheeltrans) are most interested however currently busy fighting for the right to their new-born child, so it helps to have support...I will be there and Kristine and anyone else is welcome...

Also a reminder to everyone to sign the standup pledge against poverty this Fri., Sat. or Sunday.

You can do so at one of our community posts( meeting 6:30 - 7) 7pm - 7:30 pm Fairy lake Park ( pavilion) in Newmarket or Sat at Newmarket Farmers Market (booth) 9AM - 1:30 PM

or hold your own stand-up event up till Sunday!...or you can also sign the pledge online at

Let's set another world record for those standing at once against poverty!

Tom Pearson

Put Food in the Budget Campaign

A reminder there is a "Do The Math" group meeting ( Put food in the Budget Campaign ) today at 10:00 am at the Inn from the Cold building - 510 Penrose st Newmarket.

Also Fri Sept 17 at Fairy lake Park there will be a short PACC meeting at 6:30 pm followed by a "stand-up" call at 7pm-7:30 where we'll accept signatures/stand pledge against poverty which will be added to names around the world for (to pressure) the UN leaders who meet this month. ...and Sat Sept 18 from 9 AM-1:30pm we have a booth at the Newmarket Farmers market to accept pledges and promote Oct 17. All supporters welcome to participate - entertainers, face-painters etc also welcome!

I met with the Y.R. Commissioner yesterday in regards to the ISARC social audit which we presented them the 1st copies of. The meeting scheduled for an hour went 2/1/2 hrs! Very productive... More later on this. Tomorrow to meet with Debra Kelly of YR media group re: social audit. Those who participated and wish to, may get a chance to be profiled by them.

Below radio interview I did yesterday for airing today at noon on 93.3fm.

Instructions for accessing archived CFMU 93.3 disRespect interviews:
- point your web browser to
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Tom out

Campaign 2000

On Aug 18 2010 I met with The Honourable Bryon Wilfert MP from Richmond Hill on behalf of Campaign 2000 ( ). I was to be meeting him with another who relies on wheel-trans to get around. When trying to book a ride, this person was told there were no rides available at that time because those early times are taken up by those who need medications, thus she could not go. I mention this because it's another way those in poverty and reliant on public wheel-transport (in YR) are often left out - such as in this case.

At any rate we met Aug 18 just the two of us(no assistant) and had a good discussion. I also received a letter the other day from his office following up on our meeting reiterating his positions..

I was impressed by his candor and knowledge. Having been a longtime municipal politician his local knowledge was also good.He knew that 3 and 1/2 million people lived in poverty in Canada - seemed to have a grasp on poverty nationally as well.

The MP supports a pan-Canadian conference on poverty ( and a national poverty reduction strategy with measurable outcomes) which would include all levels of government and hear from those in poverty. He supports income supplements and a $10 national minimum wage and indexing it to the cost of living.

He mentioned only 4.6% of a billion $'s alotted for fixing housing has been accessed to date and only 1.9% of $400 million for low income seniors housing and only .1% of 75 million for helping house those with disabilities.

MP Wilfert spoke of investing - not spending - mentioning that the only 12% of infrastructure spending actually created jobs.

He feels that the bill C-545 and C-304 are private members bills and are "feelgood" bills .

He supports pension reform, pan-Canadian learning approach including early childhood, aboriginal, workforce literacy for newcomers and access to higher education and training.

His letter to me concluded by saying he looks forward to working with me on this issue in the future...let's hope he means it.

Tom Pearson
Chairman, Poverty Action for Change Coalition
Make Poverty History YR