Disabled People's Rights discarded in the safety net system

Community Volunteer Award Winner Dan
A buddy called last night. We're going through some similar things, like we both lost our cats recently, our kids are all moved out, and he's going through a break up. The types of things everyone goes through I guess except I can get up in the morning and dress myself - he can't. I lost my cat because it got out, he lost his because he's unable to reach its box alone. He needs help getting into bed too, and dressed, and then he's good to go. Right now he's getting 6 weeks of "emergency" assistance from an organization hired by the government agent C.C.A.C. to do this at night, however they tell him after that he's going to have to move into a care facility or .....

Buddy tells me they've told him C.C.A.C. normally only offers this service at 7pm max for evening bedtime and after 10am for morning assist. They tell him they don't have anyone after 7pm on staff to do it. I asked why don't they hire someone for that time then? He didn't know.

We give awards for free community work but when he needs help?
Prior to this we'd been discussing ways to make money over Xmas as the amount he receives from ODSP now ($800 & change) barely covers his bills - he already has social housing - and leaves him $140 for food, transportation and toiletries for the month. He's thinking of dropping his phone now - like he needs more isolation. He doesn't smoke for those thinking to tell him to quit smoking, and he rarely drinks as he has a heart condition as well. But he likes his independence and the freedom and dignity that goes with it, but, apparently, that's something he/we can't afford to give him.

Our York Region programs don't cover this even though the funds have been downloaded to them for distribution of these very types of services from both Toronto and provincial levels recently.

John Taylor is the Regional Councillor

He's been a community volunteer and friend for ten years now, although he's never been to my house, not that I wouldn't have him but his electronic chair needs a ramp and wider halls, so he always has to host or dine out, which, of course, he can no longer afford to do.

I've watched his kids grow up, and he mine. He was a single dad too at times and we shared a kinship. He was more of a taskmaster with his kids, me too soft. What he couldn't do easily, he nearly always accomplished anyway, alone, and even better with a spouse to do the physical things when he couldn't quite. At one time he walked, and worked hard from a young age, until one day he literally fell over on the job - his disease finally succumbing his legs to the will of the it.

But when you are alone - like he is now - you are really at the mercy of the system, and you can only imagine the feelings he's having now at Xmas, his young kids now young adults still educating and working towards a life in Ottawa and not able to move here as a possible solution...struggling for income for food let alone presents.

Why is it they can't just give us enough to buy food?, he'd asked before he became a single disabled single man.I'm sure that pressure and the removal of their daughter before birth helped end the relationship.

He raised two kids but a third taken a birth because disabled
Now he's asking why they can't just send someone at bedtime to assist him into bed so he doesn't have to lie there from 6 or 7 pm until after 10 am the next day?

Why indeed? Sometimes I wonder if I'm the only one who is appalled by this type of treatment. This is a typical example of how our safety net system fails the rights and needs of the disabled in York Region, Ontario, Canada.

Meantime we're going to make the Xmas wreaths, not knowing whether he'll be here to help sell them or be somewhere..Who knows where? At the mercy of our merciless safety net system.

New York Mayor Elect inspires Poverty Reduction in Canada

Interesting where inspiration on on the fight against poverty comes from at times. Certainly New York City was the last place I'd have thought of, however with the recent voting in of Mayor Bill de Blasio, who unlike Toronto's Rob Ford, ran his winning campaign on closing the gap between the millionaires and everyone else after 24 years of straight Democrat rule (like the Conservatives in Canada), I'm inspired. He not only won, but decisively, with 73% of the vote.

Why is this so inspirational you ask? Because it seems all trends, political or otherwise, always seem to gain traction south of the border before it does here, so if it's becoming trendy or sexy to actually fight the poverty gap, it's bound to happen here next.

Healthy eating in dignity does not mean special food depots
That means all the politicians locally such as York Region Councilors - who recently smugly announced a  budget surplus "because of the cancelling of the Start up anti-homelessness fund"transferred down from the previously distributed from provincial government, M.P.Pfrank.kleesco@pc.ola.org.'s, M.P.'s and the like, who typically leave these issues out of the discussions or announced "plans' during election campaigns, will now have to adjust and embrace the groups working on solutions should they hope to have a chance of winning. This " movement" could indeed fester a political atmosphere just ripe enough to do something concrete about it, and make no mistake it starts with giving people enough money to cover the basics.

When a guy who already has subsidized housing and is bound to a wheelchair with limited use of his hands and limbs says to me,

Food by Deli House Catering. Nothing fresh at food banks.
 "Why do they do this Tom? Why don't they give us enough money to buy food? They have enough money right? They could lift everyone in Canada out of poverty if they wanted to couldn't they?"

Yes they could. Tell them here.

" I'm not kissing anyone's ass just to eat" he continued regarding food banks, 

"Some people can't eat canned food either, what are they supposed to do? These people don't care"


Tom Out.