PACC and Youth Challenge in Newmarket

Happy New Year! A message from me.

Since the provincial government announced restructuring(downloading) and cuts to anti-homelessness programs - such as the Community Start-Up Program - an influx of concern has been raised on the ground level. These funds also helped keep families on the brink in their homes and with winter now upon us, along with closer to home announcements that funds to the areas winter shelters have been cut as well, it seems we're going backward and not forward.

Although locally we did make some noise regarding wheeltrans times for transit users which allowed guys like PACCer Danny Philion to not only go out for New Year's Eve 2012-13 but work that evening to make much needed cash as well as now ongoing trans for those times beyond that night! PACCers efforts helped grease their wheels and move him into a paying job for the night - so he was coat-check and not Djing this time!- and possibly beyond since he can now simply actually get home!
Watch for Kiddy Korner at RHockey Challenge.

From that evening he connected with someone who's going to perhaps assist him raising funds for MD of which he's afflicted and was invited to join a car club - even though he doesn't drive in his condition. Dan's a car buff though, and his new found connection seems to have breathed new life into him. All because he could get there and back - and through noise part of which was made by P.A.C.C..

But the fact that I got a national honour, with the awarding  of a Queens Diamond Jubilee medal, and no mention in the local papers, speaks volumes to me. Not that I care about the accolades, but it should matter to you too that my / our work / voice is muffled locally.

Although I believe I have been affective through online work, campaigns, and blogging to truly reach the masses you need also some mainstream press / support and to that point, their boycott of our message can likely be attributed to my outspokenness.

Yes, I've been critical of local media in the past and a number of organizations - but critical in order that true accountability and facts can be represented - and not just spoon-fed organizational boosting stories that some turn out to be. If I've felt a program(s) or statement or shelter need was a farce I've communicated it, but only after feedback from users and some research. Still with no "letters to the Editor" getting in, they are winning. Others need take up the struggle.
Dan and PACC fought for right to transportation on Rogers TV
Perhaps a new voice need be at the forefront in order to make more in-roads.  I do not know. All I do know is after the upcoming youth road hockey event I will reassess my position with PACC, and likely ask to continue on but in a more supportive role not as chair.

Maybe I'll concentrate on creating a division that offers real programs/training/hope and include those from experience at all levels. Even youth programs using our community building experience to work. We've dabbled in that and I've had interest but PACCers can decide.

At any rate, with your support, I look forward to trying to pull off a successful 2013 Friendly Neighbourhood Youth Road Hockey Challenge this March !!