York Region Food Charter - unreported aid of U.N. Millennium Development

I'll bet not many of you, or few, are aware of the United Nations Millennium Development goals.  You should, since York Region as well as Canada and 191 other countries have signed on to support it. I bet even the local councillors and individuals who vote or support things they think they thought of, are not even aware where the stuff they vote on is coming from. I'd bet most don't even know it exists - yet they are buying in without questions. Or how about Agenda 21 or sometimes known locally as ICLEI which are linked to it too? Did you know the town of Aurora signed on to the latter? Do they even know what it is? Did they take the time to look in depth to understand all their objectives and goals? I Doubt it.

For example in Markham, York Region, they recently declared a 'Food Charter" which talks about communal gardens and community kitchens  and school meal programs as a means to feed people. This is what they do in communist countries and we all know how that turns out! The ultimate goal - which most of council are unlikely aware since they don't know this global development plan exists or that our country signed on to it - is to control people's food access and force the common people eventually to acquire their food this way. Quotes like from YRMG newspapers on this "charter" such as,

“We believe a collaborative and integrated approach is essential to create a healthy and just food system for all,” are repeatedly used terminology taken right out of the Millennium Development goals.

If this Y.R. "collaborative" group thought of the idea through 2 years of discussions as claimed in news reports then why is it similar models in multiples of other communities across the world are looking at or doing similar actions towards food distribution? Why? Because there was no real discussion on it as the direction was predetermined, just as is spelled out in the M.D. goals. One of it's booster's The Y.R. Food Network (charity) recently was awarded nearly $250,000 to get in the food distribution game. At least thats what the papers said recently. I would hazard a guess the farmer(s)speaking at the charter launch are also benefitting, or going to be. Only a guess.

Just like the rapid transit plans which somehow hundreds of  communities are suddenly adopting. Eventually they plan to make everyone use transit except of course the elite. Remember Animal Farm? They crossed out all animals are equal and replaced it with but some are more equal than others - same deal here. Is that book even part of our schools curriculum anymore or was that phased out? My daughter says they have.

No one called for "rapid" transit in Newmarket so why build it when there is no demand? Because they plan to force people through pricing regular Joes and Jills out of affording cars and fuel that's why.

"Four legs Go-o-o-od...Two legs ba-a-a-ad!"

Don't take my word for it it's all spelled out in the Millenium's goals and not hidden. The data is being disbursed by The World Bank - does that not tell you something? Like they care about the world's poor.

Greenbelts.  Sounds wonderful right? Sounded wonderful to me too, but also part of the millennium plan /Agenda 21's sustainable development goals to have people live only in densely populated areas with little access to anything else in the "green" belts except for recreation and all in the name of "protection". Elites will own property and land while average persons will slowly lose access and be kept in a small densely populated areas to live, work, and play like they are trying to do to Newmarket right now and have already done to Markham by building up, thus forming concentrated areas.

So called prioritizing to take care of women and children, same deal - more  control - and tears at the family unit with a father model. The state more or less becomes the head of the household though make no mistake, not the mother, in their 'model".

The M.D. plan calls for bike paths and roads designed to keep people contained and out of these green areas and traveling on foot and bikes. Eventually people will be told they have no right to access them. So unfortunately groups fighting intensification of living area densities like The proposed oversized Glenway and the Slessor development projects don't realize it's not town council they are up against but actually the United Nations. And again, our local politicians are not even aware it's all part of this master plan which Canada signed onto in 2000 and which is now under the gun to have certain things in place by 2015. Again it's all there in black and white and not hidden but

no mainstream media ever mentions it. Why?

That's covered in the "plan" as well as it states that the media has to be part of the massive plan. Now before you yell conspiracy theorist I implore you to check it out for yourself! It's not hidden! In fact when those leaders met at the 2000 summit it was the largest gathering of world leaders in history yet where's the coverage? And why is it not pointed out
each time an idea is put forward connected to this agenda?

This excerpt from the UN General Assembly  from 2010..note the scare mongering element.

4. Our challenge today is to agree on an
action agenda to achieve the Millennium
Development Goals. With five years to go to the target date of 2015, the prospect of
falling short of achieving the Goals because of a lack of commitment is very real.
This would be an unacceptable failure from both the moral and the practical
standpoint. If we fail, the dangers in the world — instability, violence, epidemic
diseases, environmental degradation,
runaway population growth — will all be

Downtown Newmarket Proposed

Hey, I was as naive as anyone else until I myself noticed in some action groups I participated in with PACC seemed to have pre-determined "solutions". We'd have great "discussions" which, on the surface took everyone's input, but which had predetermined ideas for action. I realized this as there were times I spoke up and others agreed with my position, yet it moved "forward" in these predetermined directions. Later I came to realize they were part of this "plan" so these discussions with these invited action groups, lead by one group, were designed to make you feel like you had input into direction however since they have a predetermined plan it was / is a farce.

Then someone intro'd me to the actual U.N.'s Millennium Development goals in depth and I was stunned.

The U.N. is supposed to be a body that helps the world end wars and uphold rights yet since they've formed we've still had war after war and poverty has not gotten any better except in China, which through everyone buying into their slave labour market, is the exception to reducing poverty. Does this mean we adopt what they do? Or keep rewarding them with business?.

This plan also speaks about International Water Day and all these other wonderful world saving devises that most people are not aware are part of it. Meantime private corporations sell bottled water and drain lakes dry in doing so whilst we drink reworked sewage water. They are preparing us for when they begin controlling water.

But they'll never sell or control our water you say..it's outlawed! Ha. Just like Canada beginning to give control of natural resources to a communist dictatorship that allows slave labour - China - for $15 billion, whereas prior foreign ownership was not allowed to anyone let alone a communist country. So governments can change things - and it matters not which party gets in as they are all in bed together here.

This of course was a tit for tat deal as my prediction is that Scotia Bank, which is trying to get a foothold in China, will be allowed to in a few short years as reward to Canada.

People wonder what's happened that capitalism seems to be failing? Look no further than governments' cozy relationships with charities and businesses of their choosing who become the "elite" - just like in communist countries! Government should not be in cahoots with the private sector and charities as it erodes the "free" system and creates what we have now - the chosen ones. They especially should not be pandering to communists. CIDA's former boss who also headed Petro-Canada and Ontario HydroMaurice Strong, already lives in China and would be arrested if he came back (to the U.S.) for his actions that included making illegal profits on oil for food sales in Iraq. He, along with leaders / politicians like Brian Mulroney, Jean Chretien, Paul Martin, Bob Rae and brother John , Pierre Trudeau, Daniel Johnson, all worked for or came through (controlled / financed by) Power Corp headed by the Desmarais family who have been doing business with China since the 1950's.That for another day!

As our schools now teach our kids we're global citizens, not Canadians, and on, I implore you to read up in depth and you will begin to see that all these wonderful "programs" and charity solutions and communal style directions are part and parcel! 

Just...Food For Thought! Ha Tom Pearson

Reduce Child Poverty, Restart afterschool activities, End Obesity

Wow! Talk about working a rough' hood! PACC had to work magic to convince youths to drop their weapons in lieu of hockey sticks for a day! Ha. Getting kids to participate in this day and age of computer games can prove tough as is but with a little assist you can do it! It was tough going to make an event this year but with a focus on fun participation and some faith it seems to be working out!

The "cache"
Hot dogs and hot chocolate..mmm..
Join TP Saturday Mar 16
Neighbourhood kids are seen here preparing for Sat March 16th's event being held off main St at the Newmarket Community Centre parking lot!  The Annual Friendly Neighbourhood youth tourney is open to all ages too! 

Skills challenge 10:30 AM Sat Mar 16
"Put the kids back on the streets" - an after school activity - through road hockey beyond this event and help end obesity!

A "toddler area" will be set up  in Riverwalk Commons as well & you can get warm inside the community centre Lions hall!

As well as main stage entertainment and including ELVIS PRIESTLY! 

Hot Dogs! Hot Chocolate..all free for players! How can you beat that!?



Big thanks to Newmarket Mitsubishi for their sponsorship!

Sponsor Newmarket Mitsubishi Motors has electric cars too!
Some of the kids
Thank goodness town councillor for Ward 5 Joe Sponga was able to help with the cost of fencing required by the town otherwise we would have been hard pressed this year to make it so...and I guess would have picked up where they left off... playing with toy guns...rather they aspire to be sports heroes....
RoadHockey Mom
Dad has no chance!

Challenge Someone! 

Tourney and pick up games

10:30 AM All Ages Skills Contest  prizes by CanadaT.com

All Ages Games until 5PM

Bring a stick & join in! 

Or enter a youth team..

email us @ tpeproductions@gmail.com

Road Hockey Challenge in jeopady

It looks like we may have to either postpone or - egads - cancel the annual free Friendly Neighbourhood Youth Road hockey Challenge for 2013 or at least post-pone it.

Well we had a little last minute expense to take care of namely some fencing that I know isn't in our budget.
Yea..$225 a foot worth..to cross over playing areas of roughly 100 feet.

Oops they just informed me it was a small overlook - it's actually $2.25 a sq foot. Big Diff!!

Frankly I'm tired of trying to have this event carried without any support from the town to help promote or fund it. Geez they had no problem dishing out to an unknown out of town outfit for an ice hockey event supposedly for the homeless. Us? We get fencing, insurance, and location woes starting from the time they developed the new Riverwalk Commons area where our costs suddenly almost doubled in a year.

I guess activities for kids don't mean enough to enough people anymore. Boy oh boy where did all our priorities go so wrong?

I'll keep you posted. But things look to be a go for Mar 16!