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Reminder! ISARC provincial social audit release Party Thursday Dec 2 all welcome .. media release at Queens park (pre-registered ISARC insiders only) Dec 1. Tom Pearson will speak Re: York Regions involvement.

Kids for Kotlands Concert – Tues Nov 30! featuring Singer / Songwriter sensation Glenn Marais – Raising $1,000,000 for an orphanage with kids whose parents all died of AIDS/HIV - tickets - http://www.onrichmondhill.com/events.php?id=6804

The Regional Municipality of York and the Community Partnership Council for York Region’s Local Immigration Partnership initiative are developing a “made-in- York Region” strategy that will help new immigrants integrate socially and economically and to contribute to the overall quality of life for all York Region residents. Newcomers and long-term residents, organizations and agencies across York Region to complete the Community Online Survey and have your say at www.yorkwelcome.ca! The survey is available between November 15 to 30, 2010. The survey is quick and can be completed in English, Chinese, French, Italian, Korean, Persian (Farsi), Russian and Tamil.

25in5 - In a report marking the second anniversary of the province’s poverty reduction promise, the 25 in 5 Network for Poverty Reduction says recession has put even more heat on the Ontario government to put its commitment on the front burner. Campaign 2000 released a report that indicated child poverty in Ontario has risen and continues to rise - an unacceptable 15% of children in our province still live in poverty. We cannot understand why, 2 years into the government's so-called poverty reduction strategy, the poverty rate rose. Clearly, more action is necessary and fast!
“The 2008-09 recession hit Ontarians hard, plunging many into poverty and making it more challenging for those already in deep poverty to climb out,” says Greg deGroot-Maggetti, co-chair of 25 in 5.“The post-recession reality is that many Ontarians need help getting back on their feet, with additional supports, training, education and job opportunities.

Job opportunities: 1st one is with Heart & Stroke who’s community person was promoted. This change will take effect the end of January, allowing plenty of time to recruit, train and orient my replacement here in York Region. The job posting is attached (1 year contract). Please feel free to forward it to anyone you feel may be qualified and interested. http://www.heartandstroke.on.ca/site/apps/nlnet/content2.aspx?c=pvI3IeNWJwE&b=3581667&ct=8887143

Also..ISARC is looking for an Executive Director send resume / info to info@isarc.ca

And finally: a learning / collaboration opportunity -

Dear Tom, It’s no small irony that just when the need for innovation and new ideas has never been greater, the time and resources needed for professional development seem to be shrinking. At Tamarack, part of our mandate is to fuel your continued learning through our free tele-learning opportunities and monthly Engage! e-magazine as well as our face-to-face learning events. We hope you’ll take advantage of the upcoming opportunities in the month ahead.

On December 9th, join us as Yves Lévesque, director of Vivre St. Michel en santé hosts an interview with Anne Roberge, director of poverty reduction policy for the ministère de l’Emploi et de la Solidarité sociale. They will be speaking about the Government of Quebec’s Action Plan for solidarity and social inclusion 2010-2015. Announced in July 2010, this action plan foresees investing seven billion dollars over five years, and is the second plan to combat poverty and social exclusion in Quebec. To register please visit the Event Listing section of the Tamarack website here (tamarack@tamarackcommunity.ca).


ISARC Do the Math Politics and More

Hi everyone. I hope all's well as can be! Well I made a complete fool of myself while trying to get to see Don Cherry from "Coach's Corner" to endorse our event when he was in town on Friday but alas even dressed as the icon I was too late with a line-up stretching way far. I did leave our flyer about the March break road hockey tourney though ... ha ... "And Everythink else!" Also attended the Green Party's Aurora kick off and NDP Richmond Hill / Thornhill riding events on the same night; got drenched but managed to convey some of PACCs concerns with them and both groups seemed welcoming. I also presented both local Chapters with a copy of the YR Social audit that we co-produced.

Speaking of which.Thursday DEC 2 at 6-8PM ISARC will be hosting a release party for the Ontario-wide version of the audit at Holy Trinity Anglican Church at the Eaton Centre complex. Come out for food & celebration! Woooo! Rides being arranged.

Nov 30 at Richmond Hill's Performing Arts Centre you can support the building of an orphanage in Africa by attending childhood friend Glen Marais' concert as they look to raise $1,000,000; tickets info below. Glen's a phenomenal talent as any attending Oct 17 can attest to. http://www.onrichmondhill.com/events.php?id=6804

The hunger report is out! To access the HungerCount press release, report and video please go to http://smr.newswire.ca/en/food-banks-canada/hungercount-study

The Forum for Children youth and Families is another forum we've been participating in..I'm sending an attachment along to keep you all informed. We are currently evaluating the value in this planning group. Input is welcome.

Pic of most of the Put Food In The Budgets " Do The Math Rally Team" that went to Green Barns in Toronto

I also encourage everyone wanting to stay informed to check the website regularly and become a FACE-BOOK friend to Poverty Action for Change Coalition!
Tom out!

Support Poverty Reduction in the York Region

.. Below from Vaughn Citizen Editor... Attend and ask a related question. Do they support a national anti-poverty strategy? Do they support an official poverty measuring system? Reinstatement of full census? Do they ( insert your Federally controlled concern here)?

Do The math!

Date: Thursday, November 18, 2010, 8:33 PM

Dear friends and community partners,

Please join The Vaughan Citizen, in partnership with Human Endeavour and the Vaughan Social Action Council, as we host a public debate Tuesday, Nov. 23 from 7 to 9:30 p.m. between candidates of the four main parties running in the Vaughan federal byelection. Invited candidates include Kevin Bordian (NDP), Julian Fantino (Conservative), Tony Genco (Liberal) and Claudia Rodriguez-Larrain (Green). The debate will be held at Vellore Village Community Centre, in the cafetorium, 1 Villa Royale Ave., in Woodbridge.

A panel of journalists, community leaders and Vaughan mayor-elect and former longtime Vaughan MP Maurizio Bevilacqua will put questions to the candidates. The last half of the debate is devoted entirely to questions from the audience ... Look forwarding to seeing you there!

Correction Meeting Time today

Correction on the address for todays 1pm meeting location - 919 Bray Circle - left (w) off Leslie N of Davis Dr Newmarket behind No Frills plaza (keep right).

Nov 15 Road Trip to Green Barns evening Put Food in the Budget - " Do The Math" rally attached...Appearance by YR's own " Schtick Jagger" as well!

Nov 18 is the ISARC leaders lunch/event - $40 for those wishing to attend. No funds for avail for this that I'm aware of....Dec 1 ISARC provincial audit launch at Queens Park.

Also...We have an opportunity to reward a couple families at xmas with some presents/goodies...if you are or you know of a family that could use some assistance with gifts etc this year - AND WHO MISSED THE Charity SIGN UPS let us know asap..



PACC Meeting in Your Community

We have been moving the PACC meeting locations around as of late to allow opportunities for different communities to attend - especially those who have a tough time getting away.

If you'd like to host a PACC meeting in your community (hall) please let us know!

Next in BRAY CIRCLE - community hall 191 Bray ( N of Leslie St & Davis Dr behind No Frills) at 1PM - 2:30PM.if u need a ride let us know!

Also...next Monday Nov 15 - Road Trip to Toronto - Put Food in the Budget Campaign's Rally - Ontario-wide " Do The Mathers"( see attached)...fun day out and see the "Green Barns" in Toronto a place they grow food indoors and community food access awareness campaigns..RIDES are available but we must know who's coming!

Last call for PACCer for becoming non-profit Operation Sparrow Board member...I will be stepping down and we want someone who can relate to these families situations on the board as the current board( meets once per month) as it sits, lacks that crucial element to continue to operate with full dignity and respect or families..Let me know..

Tom Pearson


PACC Pictures News Upcoming Events

Howdy! Hope all’s well!...lots to inform about so please read below

1st up a big thanks to http://www.sweetloveable.com/today-is-world-day-to-end-extreme-poverty-of-canadians-update/ for the pics posted thus far http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2259567360&v=photos&ref=ts

Anyone else with any.. please submit.

Apparently this journalist (link below) is anti-native and speaking in Aurora…shall we attend? Anyone wish to? http://rabble.ca/blogs/bloggers/statica/2010/10/activism-communiqué-call-action-anti-native-journalist-christie-blatc

Nov 15– Field Trip - Put Food In the Budget / Do The Math Rally!! – Join groups from across Ontario at the Green Barns Toronto – rides arranged..possibly a bus for those attending! See attached…anyone wishing to perform a song!!..let me know!

ISARC Provincial - Nov 18 religious leaders forum / or isarc - $40 for those wishing to attend.

Dec 1st Queens Park ISARC Provincial audit book launch at Queens Park Media Centre – morning – contains excerpts from YR’s audit!

Next!!..This sent us by a local NDP organizer – “Richmond Hill and Thornhill NDP are hosting a fund raising reception with Andrea Horwath as guest speaker on Nov. 16. at the McConaghie Centre charging $25 a ticket with many people donating more. I have several people who have donated and cannot attend and they have expressed their desire to sponsor some tickets for people on fixed incomes. There is no one more deserving than those who give their time and energies to PACC. I have 2 tickets for you and I would really be pleased if you could attend. There will be a speech by Andrea, but then she will mingle with the crowd and everyone will have an opportunity for a personal talk with her. Please contact me if you can come.” I contacted him and said we are non-partisan (neutral) but may wish to attend as I feel they are showing gratitude for PACC keeping the onus on government in their absence (of representation). It’s a compliment we all share…anyone want to go?

Do the Math – next meeting Dec 15th 1:30pm at Penrose -

Request for board members – Operation Sparrow – anyone interested to sit on the board of Operation Sparrow (www.povertyacc.com/getinvolved)? Let me know..great opportunity for experience .

Request for PACC as recipient organization from Spotlight Theatre School for all our work in the community – any objections?

More pics from Oct 17 on the PACC face book page http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2259567360&v=photos&ref=ts as well as our website www.povertyacc.com/getinvolved

Next PACC meeting Wed Nov 10 at 1pm…location to be announced!