World Day to end extreme Poverty is Oct 17 in York Region

Oct 17 is International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, and as such, is marked by events around the world to draw attention to, and find solutions to, end poverty.

To me it's a day where you find out who the pretenders are in York Region. The ones who claim to want to help those in poverty, yet don't show up Oct 17 to add their supportive voice to the mix. Some of those are "do-gooders" who can't understand why food banks and free dinners aren't good enough. The dignity part goes over their heads. Some are in in for the money, not the principle, and without poverty, perhaps they don't have a job....and so you have to ask is their motive really about ending it? Fortunately, corporate business charities and nonprofits are made up of people, some of whom do care, and they come even if their agency isn't officially there.

Y.R.'s winter shelters are not open in October
Hopefully the Mayor of Newmarket, Tony Van Bynen, shows up this year. As much as Regional Councillor John Taylor is an eloquent speaker, we like to hope the Mayor also cares enough to come. M.P.'s and M.P.P.'s are also welcome to come listen in and maybe engage, and we're hoping our invitation to Newmarket-Aurora M.P.P. Frank Klees makes good, as a letter asking for support for specific legislation changes to protect vulnerable residents is in the works and to be presented. I've never seen M.P. Julia Munroe attend any year, while all the rest have. She doesn't have to care I guess. Besides, P.M. Harper just pledged to help women and children in foreign countries and that should be enough to keep people happy.Yea, right.

P.A.C.C. hosted a social audit a few years back that looked at poverty from a critical viewpoint. It was the 1st in York Region's history, and critiqued the services and system through the eyes of those experiencing it while issues were raised and discussed / critiqued amongst groups made of politicians and social / agency workers and community leaders. 
Inn From Cold woman's beds sit mostly empty in winter
The audit digested information gathered from sample persons from all sectors of York Region, inclusive across racial lines and sexes, all included in the final report, which was Co-Written by myself Yvonne Kelly and made a number of recommendations. The report was endorsed in principle after a presentation to council and its sat relatively unused since - although the Region did forward it to the Ontario government as representative insight from York Region.

This is unfortunate because such a report and the gleaned info would cost 10's of thousands of dollars normally and since government got it at a bargain, FREE, they could at least use it.

Sits empty, yet building a new shelter
The problem is, it criticizes the status quo and how things are currently run, something that has not been acknowledged nor altered. Men still feel treated poorly at shelters and continue to be low-balled in both access to programs and shelters, whilst the Region ignored the report they endorsed and steamed forward toward building a questionably needed women's shelter - as the Region has 6 already in various forms!

During the campaign to gain interest to build this shelter, the now defunct and paid by the region " Homelessness Alliance of Y.R."  supposedly did a "survey" and found women were homeless, but hidden as couch surfers, and therefore could only give "guesstimate" numbers on that but trust them they exist. These are the "facts" they then used to justify building another women's shelter - while men have but 26 full time beds available to them in a Region of 1.2 million people. Backed by a throng of Belinda Stronach worshipers, including our only newspaper's Editor who chaired the presentation to council and sits on the board, it might as well have been rubber-stamped from the outset especially with all our ties to the Stronach dynasty here. Facts be damned.

We have documented concrete proof  men are living and dying on the streets. 
Now, that's a fact.

At any rate decide for yourself on Oct 17 when the World Premiere of the documentary  "Behind The Masks" shows. This documentary style video contains live testimonials from those within the safety-net system here in rich York Region, Ontario, Canada.

Are we doing a great job like the politicians, papers, charities and agencies tell you in their ads $ & communications? 
On Oct 17, you be the judge.

The movie will premiere during the Oct 17 International Day for the Eradication of Poverty event held at Stellar Hall, 1220 Stellar Dr Newmarket 2nd floor above Stellar Bowl. 

From one of our Y.R. "food distribution programs"
Doors open 7 pm with fresh hot & cold food and refreshments provided. Includes Open Stage and features Headliner entertainment by TPE with reggae rooted The Yappers.
Cover - pay what you will.

Sign up for the event on Facebook here.

Tom out!