Homeless Father Son Story Reactions

Wow...where to begin..the story in the YRMG's papers has certainly generated a tremendous amount of ....well..interest, compassion, offers, outrage, ideas, discussion, honesty, awareness, exposure.... and many calls from (outraged) people outside the usual voices representing possibly another bridge we've crossed, through compassion, as it seems to have touched across fences. Many have asked how they could volunteer and I'm steering them to support the opening up of a place where these guys can live longer term with some supports to step out of the margins. Especially now while the fire is hot.

At the end of the day most of the numerous calls received have been positive with generous offers from everything from blankets, to a room, to a loft, to a future job, to someone calling a union rep for them, to food, a place on their couch...but as yet what they really need - a place for them both together but I think something may be in the works..stay tuned! Meantime I taped this interview and YRMG will likely get awarded although the report is not completely factual.

The guys are somewhat embarrassed by the attention and by nature humble so I appreciate those coming across them don't pepper them with questions etc as if they want to share with anyone they will.

Check out exclusive video footage of the interview from PACC TV at

In other news, we are looking at Thursday eve for our next PACC meeting - likely 6:30 - 8:pm location to be determined.

Agenda will include: March Break Youth Road hockey tourney

Social audit presentation to Region - Jan 19 - idea to also hold a "release" in foyer following as many people as possible attend.

Do The Math strategy update - Provincial Poverty Strategy day in Toronto - Jan 28 - transportation / food paid..

PACC possible participation in new centre for low income dwellings at green Lane and Leslie Sts former crosslinks building and has been used as a type of group home / residence over the years. Edward wants to help make it happen and live there ultimately as well!

I will not be around tomorrow as i will be attending a provincial put food in the Budget campaign meeting..focussing on the next steps of "Do the Math"....Kristine will be happy to assist anyone while gone!

Tom out!

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